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Acglicolic Classic Cleansing Milk

Hygiene / Cleansing / Acglicolic /

In-depth facial cleansing. Prepares the skin for other treatments with glycolic acid helps penetrate other active ingredients.

C.N.: 168526.1

Presentation:  200 ml bottle

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How does Acglicolic work?
A complete high antiaging performance formula, Acglicolic uses liposomes glycolic acid, which ensures penetration levels never before achieved.

Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring active high moisturizing, refreshing and regenerating. In Acglicolic range is formulated in the optimal concentrations to achieve a dramatic reduction in the visible signs of aging, which guarantees a suitable pH tolerance in all skin types.

In addition, the formula is completed with a unique combination of active ingredients that give antioxidants and regenerating properties (thanks to Ergotioneinaliposomada and plant stem cells). Soothing, moisturizing and skin protection.

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10% Free Glycolic acid, Ergothioneine, and Vitamin C.
Apply a small amount on a cotton pad/ball and spread over the areas to be cleaned (face, neck, hands, etc.) massaging in a circular motion.