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Azelac Hydrating Cream

Sebum Treatment / Acné / Azelac /


Dry skin prone to acne, couperosis and redness. Helping in skin lightening treatments.

Presentación: 50 ml

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Azeloglicina ® combines the properties of azelaic acid and moisturizing action of glycine. It has a calming and anti-radical, fighting redness and impurities that accompany the blotches. Sebum regulating action, decreasing the secretion of sebum and eliminating pimples. Inhibits the synthesis of tyrosine, homogenizing the skin color. It also has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. Increases skin hydration and elasticity. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and anti-aging. Reduce radical stress and oxidative damage caused by ROS (Oxygen Free Radicals).

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Milk thistle extract, azelaic acid encapsulated in liposomes, liposome-encapsulated nicotinamide, panthenol encapsulated in liposomes, hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight encapsulated in liposomes, hyaluronic acid  of high molecular weight liposome encapsulated phytosphingosine liposomes.

Apply to the face, by gently massaging with fingertips until completely absorbed. You can use it as a makeup primer. We recommend applying Azelac Moisturizing Facial Cream once or twice a day.