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C-Vit Drinkable

C-Vit /

Naturally helps the body. Strengthens the immune system, activating the natural defense mechanisms against external agents. Prevents vitamin deficiency states. Protects the body from oxidative processes in smokers, athletes,and at times of stress and infection. Promotes the absorption of iron. A vitamin essential in the formation of collagen, improving the healing process and the fragility of blood vessels.

C.N.: 155617.2

Presentation: 120 ml

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The body has a number of defense mechanisms that protect it against external agents. Factors such as cold, exhaustion, stress, poor diet and lifestyle can weaken our immune system, increasing the risk of infection, allowing certain bacteria and viruses to develop and proliferate in our bodies. Being a water soluble vitamin, Vitamin C is not accumulated in the body and must be renewed daily. Although the usual diet is rich in ascorbic acid and meet the needs of this vitamin, in some cases, you may need a larger contribution due to the large oxidative process generating free radicals produced by smoking, sun exposure, exhaustion....  Vitamin C partly neutralizes these processes as it is a powerful natural antioxidant.

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Vitamin C

To open the bottle, press the cap down and simultaneously turn it counter clockwise. Measure the amount indicated by the glass dispenser is included in the package. Take one or two measures of 10 ml for 3 consecutive days, rest 2 or 3 days and repeat the sequence. Preferably diluted in half a glass of liquid (fruit juice or milk).