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Acglicolic /

Prevention and treatment of skin aging (wrinkles, age spots, flaccidity, etc..). Preparation of the skin for treatment with retinoids, depigmenting agents and chemical peels. Suitable for combined skin.

C.N.: 256859.4

Presentation: Air-less container 50 ml

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Its components allow it to restore the functional balance of the skin, moisturizing it, increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and providing it with adequate and effective protection external environmental factors.

Contains active ingredients that maintain the fundamental state of the epidermis, with decongestant and regenerating actions. Glycolic acid exerts an anti-aging action by stimulating the synthesis of collagen synthesis, firming and smoothing out fine lines. Removes dead cells of the stratum corneum of the skin, reducing its thickness and smoothing its surface. Breaks the cohesion between the squamous cells, allowing the skin to renew more quickly. Boswellic acids present in the formulation act synergistically with the Aloe Gel, moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin.

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10% free and liposomed glycolic acid, Ergothioneine, vitamins C + E, Maritimun Eryngium stem cells.
Apply to the face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. You can apply it in the morning and / or evening.