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Celulex Cream - Abdomen and Hips

Anti-cellulite / Celulex /

Indicated for the prevention and treatment of cellulite and localized fat. Aid for diets.

C.N.: 160907.6

Presentation: Plastic Tube 100 ml

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Celulex Gel Belly and Hips is indicated for cellulite (orange peel skin), localized adiposity, complementary for slimming diets. Works on the 3 causes of localized fat; circulatory level (decreasing capillary permeability, favoring the circulation of the area needing treatment by the removal of fluid retained and increasing capillary resistance) at adipose level (improving lipolysis of triglycerides) and conjunctive level (repairing and protecting the collagen fibers).

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Ruscus Carnitine + Caffeine + + Retinol
Apply twice a day (morning and night) in the treatment area with a gentle massage (circular upward) until completely absorbed.