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Sesgen 32 Eye Contour Cream

Anti-wrinkle / Eye Contour Care / Sesgen 32 /
Restores youthful appearance to the area surrounding the eyes. Moisturizes, nourishes and combats signs of aging: eliminates dark circles and improves drooping eyelids. Activates youth genes extending cell life.
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Sesgen 32 contour combats dark circles, reducing the accumulation of pigments and fat in the area. As we age, the production of nitric oxide and microcirculation beneath our eyes decreases, allowing red blood cells to accumulate, forming what is known as dark circles. Due to the synergistic action of the Pinanediol-Camphanediol complex, synthesis of nitric oxide increases and microcirculation is activated in the area. Moreover, phytosphingosine dissolves fat stored in adipocytes in this area.
And DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), another component, acts to prevent sagging and improve "drooping eyelids".

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Hyaluronic acid , Chronocyclin , Renovage , phytosphingosine liposomes , liposomes adenosine , liposomes ferment lysate bifida , liposomes tripeptide - 32 , liposomes retinaldehyde , pinanediol Campanediol liposomes , liposomes Dimethylamino ethanol and lecithin .
Apply a small amount around the eyes, massaging gently from the inside out.