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Regenerating Creams / Cicases /
CICASES PROTECT is a hygienizing cream that helps to keep the skin clean and healthy, protecting it against infections and external agents, thanks to antiseptic actives and a moisturizing and protective action. It is therefore ideal for damaged skin. It is recommended to use for people with scarring problems or everyday situations such as falls, scratches or small wounds. In addition, CICASES PROTECT moisturizes and favors the natural regeneration of the skin, providing a sensation of relief.
C.N.: 178089.8
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Cicases Protect acts promoting skin cleansing, keeping it healthy and in perfect condition. It also repairs the skin repair, maximizing hydration and elasticity.
It contains chlorhexidine, an active ingredient with sanitizing properties that keeps the skin clean. Chlorhexidine is a known antimicrobial agent, which prevents and protects against infections or bacteria.
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid promotes hydration, due to its ability to attract and retain water, and promotes natural skin regeneration. It helps restore the skin when there is irritation or discomfort.
Glycerine and paraffin are active ingredients which occlude the stratum corneum, forming a film on the application area, thus preventing transepidermal water loss and improving hydration.

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Chlorhexidine, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, glycerin and paraffin.
Apply a sufficient amount of Cicases Protect, as many times as necessary, on affected areas of skin. It is recommended to use a gauze to favor the cleaning of the area to be treated.
It is important that you do not remove the product and allow it to be completely absorbed to aid in the establishment of this protective barrier function of the damaged area. Cicases Protect has the advantage of being a product of easy application and is especially suitable in situations where water and soap are not available.