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Cicases WH Epithelising cream

Regenerating Creams / Cicases /
Cream that repairs skin and accelerates skin regeneration (wounds, ulcers, burns, surgery ...). It is indicated for the prevention of pressure ulcers and protection of areas surrounding ulcers. It aids skin recovery and reconstruction in superficial skin lesions.
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Cicases WH acts promoting epidermal reconstruction to achieve minimum scarring. It helps skin repair, regenerating damaged tissues, and preserving and maximizing hydration, suppleness and elasticity.

It is a growth factor (TGF-β3, HGH and GM-CSF) containing emulsion. The factors are proteins that act at a cellular level and have a high regenerative and healing capacity. They increase cell proliferation and by doing so increase collagen synthesis and connective tissue formation.
This cream also contains hydrating active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, lecithin and ceramides, which provide a film-forming mechanism which forms a barrier resulting in increased resistance to external aggressions.
Furthermore Cicases WH contains squalene, a fatty acid that helps restore balance in the composition of fatty acids in the hydro-lipid layer.
Do not apply to bleeding wounds. If there is swelling, pain or redness, discontinue treatment and consult your family doctor.
External use. Keep out of reach of children.

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Growth factors (TGF-β3, HGH and GM-CSF), superoxide dismutase, hyaluronic acid, chondrus crispus extract, coenzyme Q10, ergothioneine, burdock extract, lactic acid, shea butter, squalene and empty liposomes.
Cicases WH has the advantage of being a product that is easy to apply.
Cleanse the skin beforehand and then apply a small amount of Cicases WH on the affected area once a day, preferably at night. It is advisable to apply using sterile gauze, a disposable spatula or gloves to avoid infecting the wound.
It is important not to remove the product and allow it to be completely absorbed to help establish a protective barrier over the damaged area.
Continue use until skin is fully healed.