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Dryses Deodorant for Men - 75 ml.

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Moderates underarm sweating and naturally suppresses body odor .

Presentation: 75 ml

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Moderates underarm sweating and naturally suppresses body odor. Triple action antiperspirant, deodorant and refreshing that exerts a prolonged effect for 24 hours.The aluminum hydrochloride is the most active agent against excessive sweating and body odor. Bisabolol has decongestant properties, reduces irritation and itching. Triclosan has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Its triple action antiperspirant, deodorant and exerts a prolonged cooling for 24 hours. It has excellent tolerance (no skin irritation) and can even be applied after shaving. Maintains skin's mantle acid . Its fragrance is compatible to the skin.


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18% aluminum chlorhydrate, 1% Bisabolol, 0.2% triclosan.

Apply the product to the armpits once a day, preferably after shower and let dry.