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Hidraloe Plus Aloe Gel - 50 ml.

Hidraloe /

Aloe gel with powerful refreshing and soothing action, especially suitable for local use. Recommended for the treatment of itching, and irritation of diverse etiology. Indicated for minor burns caused by the sun, cold and air. Prepares and smoothes the skin before and after cosmetic and dermatological treatments aggressive (with retinoids, AHA's, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, ...).

Presentation: 60 ml

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Lightweight moisturizing gel, it is quickly absorbed. The soothing and refreshing effect of Aloe vera is reinforced by glycyrrhetinic acid and plant extracts (bisabolol, chamomile, calendula, witch hazel, horsetail, linden, birch, ...). The Rosehip helps regenerate the skin while Triclosan provides bacteriostatic properties. Hidraloe employs an innovative technology which achieves transportion of active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes to the deeper layers of the skin, acting directly on the source . Hydrates and softens skin restoring the hydrolipid balance.

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Free Aloe vera + Aloe vera encapsulated in liposomes, rosehip, glycyrrhetinic acid, vitamin A, Bisabolol, triclosan and plant extracts..

Apply to the treated areas as many times as necessary