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Sesderma Men Eye Contour Gel

Men's Skin Care / Sesderma Men /

Treatment and prevention of the signs of fatigue (dark circles, bags and puffy eyes, wrinkles, crow's feet ...). Decongestion and hydration of the skin around the eyes. Its composition makes it suitable for all skin types.

C.N.: 314184.0

Presentation: Plastic Tube 30 ml

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Clear Gel, lightweight, non-greasy and refreshing, decongests hydrates, activates and rejuvenates the skin around the eyes. The skin around the contour of the eye loses its elasticity and muscles weaken through age, producing flaccidity around the eyes, forming fine wrinkles in contour of eyelids. Moreover the fat that protects the eye sockets and prevents the eye from protruding out of the eye socket accumulates in prominent bags around the eyes. Another cause of puffy eyes is water accumulation. To counter act the above, it has been incorporated Eyerseryl ® as an active ingredient proven to be innovative and effective. Incorporating Haloxyl ® makes dark circles decreased due to accumulation of hemoglobin and its derivatives (bilirubin, biliverdin, iron). The organic silicon content (Methylsilanol mannuronate), regenerates the elastin and collagen matrix, restructuring the conjuntive tissue. It also contains effective hydrating agent (hyaluronic acid) and an excellent decongestant and soothing agent (Sweet Clover Extract and Haloxyl ®). Its active ingredients are gradually released, extending its effectiveness for 18 hours. The result is an immediate decongestion of the eye contour area, reducing dark circles and puffy eyes.

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Organic silicon, sweet clover extract, hyaluronic acid, boswellia serrata extract.
Apply a small amount to the skin around the eyes, with a gentle massage from the inside to the outside. It can be applied daily in the morning and / or evening after cleansing.