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Resveraderm Serum

Resveraderm /

Antioxidant based treatment serum.

New generation of antioxidants thanks to the application of nanotechnology, innovative technology which achieves the transport of active ingredients encapsulated in nanosomes, to the deepest layers of the skin and enhance their effects. Protects the skin from daily environmental aggressions (stress, fatigue, UV rays) and corrects the skin at night, reducing wrinkles and imporving tone and luminosity..

C.N.: 153807.9

Presentation: 30 ml

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Resveratrol is one of the components of wine, belonging to the family of polyphenols with important biological effects on health and skin, and withpotent antioxidant properties, preventing accelerated aging of our skin (wrinkles, sagging ...) and protecting the cellular DNA. Recent scientific studies highlighted the action of resveratrol directly on the longevity gene. Resveratrol is capable of launching a series of metabolic processes related to the duration of life through the stimulation of a gene family (SIRT) and the proteins which encode these genes, SIRTUINS. Furthermore, it was recently demonstrated the expression of a type sirtuin in the skin cells, especially fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which converts them into a focal point for skin rejuvenation treatment by the action of resveratrol.

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Liposomes of resveratrol, retinol, hyaluronic acid, pterostilbene and quercetin; Stem cells eryngium maritimum, idebenone, red wine extract and pine bark.
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Apply 4 drops in your hand and massage on the areas to be treated before applying your regular treatment.