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Sodyses Gel Repair

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Sodyses Gel repair forms a mechanical barrier on the skin that smoothes and improves the appearance of hypertrophic and keloid scars, favoring remodeling. It helps reduce discomfort due to redness, itching and swelling associated with scars.
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Sodyses Gel repair promotes proper healing process due to its active ingredients: It contains transforming growth factor TGF-β3 that reduces the rapid and massive growth ofscars, promoting normal lasting regeneration.
Interleukin 10 contributes an antiinflammatory effect by inhibiting inflammation factors.
It also contains superoxide dismutase to combatand destroy excess free radicals generated duringthe inflammatory process. And a powerful antioxidantcomplex (ergothioneine, quercetin and vitamin E) that acts together with this ingredient to protect against and prevent damage caused by free radicals.

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Superoxide dismutase, growth factors (TGF-β3, interleukin-10), vitamin E, resveratrol, copper sulfate, zinc chloride, hyaluronic acid, quercetin, retinaldehyde, ergothioneine, apricotextract, tomato extract, onion extract, turmeric and empty liposomes.
Sodyses Gel repair has the advantage of being easy to apply. Before using this product, clean the skin. Apply the gel to the affected areas twice daily, morning and evening, prior to using makeup or cream or any other treatment.
It is important not to remove the product and allow it to be completely absorbed to help establish a protective barrier over the damaged area.
Continue use until skin is fully healed. Precautions: Do not use this product until open wounds are closed. If there is swelling, pain or redness, discontinue treatment and consult your family doctor.
External use. Keep out of reach of children.