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Viruses Topic Treatment

Viruses / Specific Disorders /
Local cutaneous treatment of labial herpes (cold sores). The following is indicated in all stages of the outbreak:
Tingling and burning sensation around the lips,formation of blisters,formation of scabs,scarring phase.
ViruSeS is an efective option both in the prevention and control of herpes simplex.
Acts with maximum rapidity, protects lesions instantly, reduces itchiness burning, stinging and itching, reduces reddening and inflammation, alleviates pain, reduces blisters and helps to prevent the formation of scabs, significantly reduces the risk of contagion
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Herpes is a viral infection characterised by the appearance of very painful and contagious blisters around the lips and/or other areas of the face.
These blisters evolve by forming crusts, which disappear in approximately 10 days from the start of the process.
The most common triggering factors in outbreaks of labial herpes are as follows:
Feverish infections, stress, stomach and intestinal dysfunctions,hormonal uctuations, Intense solar exposure, very cold or damp environmental conditions.
Liposomed Viruses Spray contains jojoba esters which form a mechanical barrier to protect the lesion from external factors that may aggravate the pathology, and prevent it from spreading due to the invisible film formed upon application of the product. It also contains chlorhexidine (with antiseptic properties) that inhibits the growth of microorganisms without causing harmful effects, as well as sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) with antioxidant properties.

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Aqua, lecithin, alcohol, sodium ascorbate, chlorhexidine,diacetate sodium cholate, ethylhexylglycerin, trideceth-9, hydrolyzed jojoba esters peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, hydrochloric acid, phenoxyethanol.
Spray onto the lesion from 20 mm away using clean hands. Apply 3-4 times per day to the affected area. A cotton bud can be used to massage the product in gently.
Do not use this product
On children younger than 2 years of age, unless your doctor has advised otherwise.
In case of allergy to one or some of its ingredients, during breastfeeding, on areas of the body that may come into contact with the infant.
To prevent the virus from spreading, we recommend:
Applying the product when the first symptoms of burning or stinging appear, washing your hands to prevent it spreading to other areas of the body or infecting other people.
Keep away from the reach of children. External use only . The product does not deteriorate once the container has been opened; the bottle can be used up it runs out. This product must not be used after the expiry date.