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Vitiligo /
Gel liposome for hypopigmented skin with active ingredients that reinforce and protect the cells responsible for pigmentation. Helps restore melanin levels.
C.N.: 179948.7
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The causes of vitiligo are unknown. On occasion it appears following emotional stress or physical trauma. Various hypotheses exist relating to the causes of the condition, among them cytotoxicity, the autoimmune system, genes,
nutrition and the neural system.
Onset and gravity depend on the person, but the condition usually begins with a rapid loss of pigment followed by a longer period during which the skin does not change. At a later date loss begins again, often following physical or mental trauma.
Loss may continue until the process stops for reasons that are unknown.

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AA-cadherina y tetrahidrojasmonate.
Apply focally on the spot, preferably twice a day, morning and night, by means of circular movements until its complete absorption.