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Vitises KT Lotion

Vitiligo / Vitises /

Skin pigmentation accelerator.

C.N.: 153549.8

Presentation: 125 ml

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Acts as a skin pigmentation accelerator and helps restore normal levels of melanin in melanocytes. Can be used with both natural and artificial UVA exposure. Contains Khellin and Phenylalanine encapsulated in nanosomes, these active ingredients act by accelerating the pigmentation in melanocytes.

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Khellin and phenylalanine encapsulated in liposomes.
Spray Vitises KT mist on hypopigmented lesions 30 minutes before sun exposure. After this time make sure to limit sun exposure or narrowband UVB exposure to short times, increasing gradually as the skin becomes accustomed to more sun exposure. Unlike with psoralens no photo toxicity occurs.