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Vitiligo /
System that stimulates pigmentation. It contains vitises gel 50 ml + nanoadditives that enhance its antioxidant effect. Helps restore melanin levels.
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Vitiligo is a chronic condition in which the cells that manufacture melanin become inactive (severe oxidation process), giving rise to white patches. These appear with greater frequency on the face, neck, eyelids, nipples, genitals, folds (armpits and groin) and areas that have suffered trauma (cuts, burns). It also affects the hair, appearing in the form of grey scalp or beard.

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Step 1 + step 2: pseudocatalasa. Step 3:Sistema lactoferrina-lactoperoxidasa, sistema catalasasuperóxidodismutasa (SOD), calcio y extractos de silimarina, ginkgo biloba y centella asiática.
Product preparation:
1. In the empty jar, mix VITISES PCAT nanoadditive powder (STEP 1) with VITISES PCAT nanoadditive liquid solution
(STEP 2) and wait until bubbles stop forming.
2. Empty the contents of the VITISES Gel (STEP 3) into the jar and mix with the spatula until a uniform gel is obtained.
3. Close the jar and store in the refrigerator.

Instructions for use: Apply directly onto the patch, preferably twice a day (morning and night), using a circular massage motion until fully absorbed.